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Yurakucho Station

WiFiBOX Application at Yurakucho Station AreaSame-day application and same-day pickup OK for WiFiBOX (Wi-Fi rental) at Yurakucho Station Area.


WiFiBOX is a self-service Wi-Fi rental service that can be reserved on the spot and picked up immediately. It takes only 5 minutes from reservation to pick up. For those who have not yet reserved Wi-Fi at Yurakucho Station, for domestic trips departing from Yurakucho Station, for returning home, or for business or events.
The WiFiBOX can also be used as a mobile battery, so you don't have to worry about your battery running out.

Yurakucho Station

Appearance Map Counter Name Business Hours GoogleMap
NewDays ecute edition yurakucho kyobashiguchi 6:30-22:00 WiFiBOX MAP

About Wi-Fi Reservation, Receiving and Returning Wi-Fi at Yurakucho station

  1. Wi-Fi Rental Reservation
    Detail page
  2. Wi-Fi Router Pickup
    Detail Page > Wi-Fi Router Pickup and Return
  3. Wi-Fi Router Return
    Detail Page > Return Wi-Fi Router
  4. Extend Rental Period
    Detail Page > Extension of Rental Period

Internet communication and QR reading functions are required for reservation and pick-up, so you will need your own smartphone's communication and camera functions. If you do not have a communication environment, please use free Wi-Fi provided by municipalities, airports, train stations, coffee shops, etc.