Embark on a journey,
to the unknown world.

A world without walls,
brought by the ever-evolving technology.

Now that overseas travel and remote work get even closer to us,
we can choose a different lifestyle that is full of freedom
where place is no longer relevant.

A different sense of time; that can only be felt by being away from your everyday life.
A different sense of thrill; that can only be experienced by immersing yourself in a new culture.
A sense of deep emotion; not picture, not movie, but the “real” one you can feel as you touch it.

Those real, pure experience of touching the unknown world with your bare hands will eventually accumulate and will ultimately affect your value of life.

WiFiBOX is your little travel partner that supports your journey to bring out “the real you”.

We are more than just a mobile Wi-Fi rental service. We deliver a smart usage experience to become a travel support service at your destination. We have a mission: to create an environment where you can focus on the joy of the journey itself.

We sincerely hope that by utilizing our service, your journey will be complete as a whole.