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GUIDEQuick Guide

Quick look at how to use

Only 4 steps.
Book on WiFiBOX website, scan the QR code at your desired WiFiBOX location and pick up your Wi-Fi unit.

  • Step 01

    Book your data plan on WiFiBOX website

  • Step 02

    Scan QR code shown on the box

  • Step 03

    Pick your pocket wifi up and rental service starts.

  • Step 04

    Slot it back in and all set!

How to book

  • STEP 01

    Select a country or region

    Choose your destination on the top page. If you wish to choose the Regional Plan, choose your destination countries first.
  • STEP 02

    Choose your data plan

    Choose your data plan and go to your shopping cart.
  • STEP 03

    Create Account/Login

    In order to purchase, you need to register yourself as a member.
  • STEP 04


    Please confirm your order details, and finish your purchase. *If you have a promotional coupon, enter the coupon code and click “apply”.
    *Regarding payment methods
    You can use your credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and JCB).

Payment Method

Credit Card/Debit Card


Supported Cards

・American Express
・Diners Club
*Prepaid cards aren't supported.


We do not charge you any card fee. The amount you see during your booking process is the amount you pay.

Express Checkout (Shop Pay)

shop pay

If you choose "express checkout" (Shop Pay), your address and credit card information will be stored safely. The next time you are about to make a purchase from us, you just need to enter 6-digit verification codes sent to your registered phone number.

**Shop Pay is a service provided by Shopify, Inc.

Can I Get an Official Receipt?

Can I Get an Official Receipt?

Receipts can be downloaded from My PageOrder History after the rental has started.

*Receipts are issued in Japanese only. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Cancel/Modify Order

You cannot modify any order that has been paid.
If you only want to change your pick up or return place, you don't need to modify anything. You can directly go to your pick up/return place of choice.

Cancellation procedure can be done via your "My Page". Click here to login to My Page.

Cancellation Procedure

  • STEP 01

    Login to My Page

    After you log in, choose the order number from your order history.

  • STEP 02

    Order Detail

    On the order detail page, click the "cancel" button. After the cancellation is successful, we will notify you via email.

How to pick up

  • STEP 01

    Open "How to pick up" email

    An email with the subject below will be sent to you.

    [WiFiBOX]How To Pick Up Your Wi-Fi Unit

    You are advised to keep and open this URL at your smartphone or tablet to be able to scan QR code.

    *Please click herefor the map of pickup locations and business hours.

    View Map

  • STEP 02

    Visit “QR code scanning page” from the URL.

    You can also access the above page (to read the QR code), by accessing your “My Page” (Order History) and clicking the “pick up” button on the right side of the order number.
  • STEP 03

    Scan QR code and tap “Pick-up”.

    Follow the instructions on the page to scan the QR code with your camera, then tap the "Receive" button on your smartphone screen.
  • STEP 04

    Pick-up done

    Pick up your pocket Wi-Fi and your rental service begins.

    In a moment, your Wi-Fi unit will pop out from the machine. Do not leave the until you receive your unit.
    You will receive a "Precautions/Confirm This Before Using" e-mail immediately after picking up the unit, so please be sure to read it before starting the Wi-Fi connection.

How to drop off

  • STEP 01

    Find an empty slot on the WiFiBOX machine

    To return, just slot it back to a WiFiBOX housing. You will hear a click, and the return process is done.

    Where to drop off

  • STEP 02

    Insert your pocket wifi back and all set

    Insert it back with "WiFiBOX" logo side up

    Insert it back as shown by the arrows

    When you hear “click”, that means your return process is done. You will receive a drop-off confirmation email.

In case you want to extend your rental term

  • STEP 01

    Please take necessary procedure explained in My Page (Order History)> Order Number> "Extension" button.

  • STEP 02

    Tap “Extension” button.
    *Please note that if you fail to extend your rental period, Wi-Fi unit will no longer work the following day after the expected date of return.

  • STEP 03

    Select a new drop-off date, tap “Add to Cart” and purchase now. Extension completed.