Introduction of WiFiBOX

WiFiBOX, an unprecedented international Wi-Fi rental service

An in-depth introduction to the evolution of Wi-Fi rentals!

"WiFiBOX" is an amazingly easy way to reserve, pick up and return your Wi-Fi overseas with no contact with anyone.

WiFiBOX" is an automatic international Wi-Fi rental service that makes it incredibly easy to reserve, receive, and return your Wi-Fi. The "WiFiBOX" is an automatic international Wi-Fi rental service that makes reserving, receiving, and returning Wi-Fi incredibly easy. The "WiFiBOX" is an automatic international Wi-Fi rental service that completes all steps without contact, making it incredibly easy to reserve, receive, and return Wi-Fi.

COVID-19 has transformed the way we travel. Due to customs of avoiding secrecy and the need for non-face-to-face services, procedures are becoming increasingly automated at airports. In addition, smartphones have become a necessity not only in daily life but also in travel, as various procedures have been converted to apps, information provision has shifted from paper to digital, and new forms of communication have been established through video calls. In the future, people will travel again in search of the great value of real experiences.
Tourism and travel are said to be peaceful industries. We hope that smartphones, which are the lifelines of travel, will be able to fulfill their role anytime and anywhere, and that by providing Wi-Fi environment and charging functions more easily and affordably than ever before, people around the world will be able to travel with more "peace of mind," and this new service We have made it a reality.

Features of WiFiBOX

1. amazingly easy to reserve, pick up, and return
  1. STEP 01

    Make a reservation on the web

    Make a reservation on the web
  2. STEP 02

    Scan the 2D code

    Scan the 2D code
  3. STEP 03

    Start Rental

    Start Rental
  4. STEP 04

    Insert the router into the slot and return it

    Insert the router into the slot and return it

After making a web reservation, simply pull out the Wi-Fi router from the box at the airport or other location.
No more waiting in line at the airport counter before departure.
WiFiBOX is now available at Haneda, Narita and Kansai Airport.

Wi-Fi environment and mobile battery function in a single unit

Three types of cables for charging smartphones and other devices are built in. It can also be used as a mobile battery. The
Wi-Fi unit alone can be rented, without the special pouch and charger, which can be cumbersome to carry.

3. the industry's lowest price for the industry's largest number of unlimited plans (approximately 130 countries and regions)

Example of Price "Flat Rate x Number of Rental Days

4G-LTE Wi-Fi Plan 500MB/day 1GB/day Unlimited/day
Taiwan ¥300 ¥690 ¥990
Hawaii, U.S.A., Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong ¥390 ¥690 ¥990
Japan ¥440 ¥660 ¥840
Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, UK, France, Italy, etc. ¥490 ¥890 ¥1,090
Mainland China ¥790 ¥990 ¥1,190
Round trip to Europe ¥690 ¥1,090 ¥1,590
Round the World ¥990 ¥1,690 ¥2,590
  • *Some areas are served by 3G.
  • Tax is not included in the overseas price.
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Comparison of Wi-Fi router rental and
WiFiBOX Comparison Chart





Wi-Fi Router Model

1 type

Only 1 type of WiFiBOX router

Router model cannot be specified

Multiple types

There are several types depending on the country of use and plan.

Router model cannot be specified

How to receive


Just pull it out of the "BOX" without face-to-face contact

Airports and home delivery

Hand delivery by counter staff or home delivery

Return location


Insert the device into the "BOX" and return it

Airport / Courier

Drop off at airport return box or receive by courier

Product to be delivered

Wi-Fi router only

No accessories, no bulky items

A5 size pouch

Wi-Fi router and accessories

USB charger
Conversion plug


Please use a USB charger for your smartphone, etc.


Charging cable


Cable built into Wi-Fi router


Cable included for router only

For charging
Battery function


The Wi-Fi router itself doubles as a mobile battery


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