Wi-Fi disconnection! Six helpful tips for international travelers

Rental Wi-Fi is indispensable for comfortable Internet access when traveling abroad, but there must be some people who have had the experience of not being able to connect to the Internet even though they have followed the instructions in the manual. In this article, we will introduce the "6 solutions when rental Wi-Fi does not connect" that we asked the customer support team of WiFiBOX, an international Wi-Fi rental company.

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What to do when Wi-Fi does not connect overseas (1) Move to a new location

海外でWi-Fiが繋がらない時の対処法① 場所を移動する

Internet speed slows down in the evening or at night, and Wi-Fi connection is difficult... If you live in a residential area in Japan or have been to places where many people gather, such as a fireworks display, you have probably had this experience at least once.
This is also true in other countries as well...underground, on high floors, on islands, in mountains, moving at high speeds, and in places where many people gather can often make it difficult to get a good signal. Also, at event venues where many people gather, many people will use the Internet at the same time, making it difficult to connect. Therefore, if you experience poor communication conditions, try moving to a new location first.

What to do when Wi-Fi is not connected abroad (2) Restart Wi-Fi

海外でWi-Fiが繋がらない時の対処法② Wi-Fiを再起動する

The most effective way to improve the situation is to "reboot," a method that is likely to show improvement even when using electronic devices such as iPhones and PCs.
The method is simple. Simply press and hold the power button to turn off the device, wait a moment, and then turn it back on. Note that the method of rebooting varies depending on the device.
*Click here for WiFiBOX troubleshooting.

What to do when Wi-Fi does not connect overseas (3) Try removing the battery pack

海外でWi-Fiが繋がらない時の対処法③ 電池パックを外してみる

Have you ever experienced a static electricity buzzing in the dry cabin of an airplane? Static electricity can build up between the Wi-Fi router's battery and cover, which can cause the router to not turn on or to not be able to communicate over the Internet.
In this case, remove the cover on the back of the Wi-Fi router and let the battery pack discharge a little by removing it once. If you then put the battery pack back in, the device will start up normally, which may solve the Wi-Fi disconnection problem.
*Please note that there are some Wi-Fi routers that do not allow the battery pack to be removed.

What to do when Wi-Fi does not connect overseas (4) Reset the Wi-Fi router

海外でWi-Fiが繋がらない時の対処法④ Wi-Fiルーターをリセットする

If the Wi-Fi router has a small hole in its body, try pressing and holding it with a thin tip while the power is off until the power turns on. This will initialize the Wi-Fi router and communication may return to normal.
Other methods may allow you to reset the device from the settings screen, so check the manual.

What to do when Wi-Fi does not connect overseas (5) Review iPhone and Android settings

海外でWi-Fiが繋がらない時の対処法⑤ iPhone・Androidの設定を見直す

If you still cannot connect to Wi-Fi even after trying steps 1) to 4) above, you should review the settings of your iPhone, Android, or other device to which you are connecting. In such cases, there may be a problem with the settings of the iPhone or Android phone you are connecting to, so try disconnecting the Wi-Fi connection once and reconnecting.

In the case of iPhone

You can turn off Wi-Fi from "Wi-Fi" in "Settings" or from the Control Center, and then turn it back on to reconnect.

For Android

Go to "Settings" and then to "Network and Internet" or to the Quick Settings panel to turn Wi-Fi off, disconnect, and then turn it back on to reconnect.

How to deal with Wi-Fi disconnection overseas (6) Restart iPhone or Android

Even after trying all the methods in (1) - (5), Wi-Fi is still not connected. In such cases, try restarting your iPhone, Android or other smartphone. Press and hold the power button to turn off the power, and then turn it on again to complete the restart.


In this article, we have introduced what to do when Wi-Fi is not connected. When you feel disconnected, first move to a new location, and if that does not resolve the problem, reboot or reset the Wi-Fi according to the characteristics of each Wi-Fi system. If the problem is still not resolved, review the Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone, Android, or other device.

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