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Is it safe to use free Wi-Fi at the airport? We investigated its safety and speed!

Free Wi-Fi is available at many airports; it is a convenient way to use the Internet for free while waiting for a flight. However, free Wi-Fi may require caution when using it in terms of safety and speed. In this article, we will explain the free Wi-Fi situation at airports.

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Where is free Wi-Fi available at the airport? How to use it?


Many airports now offer free Wi-Fi, which is used as a communication environment for departures and arrivals. The following is a summary of where and how to use free Wi-Fi at Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, and Kansai International Airport.

Narita Airport

Free Wi-Fi is available in all areas of each terminal and on terminal connecting buses, by turning on Wi-Fi and connecting to the "FreeWiFi-NARITA" ID. For details, please click here.

Haneda Airport

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport except in stores and lounges; turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the ID "HANEDA-FREE-WIFI" to use it. For details, please click here.

Kansai International Airport

Free Wi-Fi is available in all areas of the Terminal 1 Building (excluding some international arrival lines), T1 bus stop, train station, Aeroplaza, Terminal 2 Building, and KIX Observation Hall. You can use it by turning on Wi-Fi and connecting to the ID "_FreeWiFi-KansaiAirports" or "_FreeWiFi-KansaiAirports_2.4G". For details, please click here.

I actually tried using free Wi-Fi at Haneda Airport!


Let's take Haneda Airport as an example this time. At Haneda Airport, free Wi-Fi spot stations like the one in the image are located on the departure and arrival floors.


Instructions on how to set up Wi-Fi can be found in a booklet placed at the stations.

  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi setting of your smartphone.
  2. Select "HANEDA-FREE-WIFI" from the list of networks
  3. Launch your Internet browser
  4. Follow the instructions on the display screen to complete the settings.
  5. Start using the service.

The above steps make it easy to use the service, making it convenient for those who want to use the service for a short period of time while waiting to receive the rental Wi-Fi or until the SIM card settings are completed.

3 Points to Note When Using Free Wi-Fi at Airports


Free Wi-Fi at airports is convenient and free. However, there are three major points to keep in mind when using this service. Check them carefully and prepare a communication environment suitable for your own smartphone usage at the airport.

Caution 1: Free Wi-Fi at airports can be slow

Free Wi-Fi at airports may be accessed by many people at once, and the speed may be slower than rental Wi-Fi or your fixed Wi-Fi at home. We actually conducted a speed survey and found that some spots at some airports had speeds that were almost the same as when speeds were limited, so be careful if speed is important to you.

Caution 2: Free Wi-Fi at airports may not work as soon as you connect.

Most free Wi-Fi at airports will not allow you to open a browser to view a site without going through a single step, such as checking the terms of use and registering for use. In addition, the speed at which you can make those settings is also difficult to crack through, when caution point (1) is taken into account.

Caution 3: Beware of security when using free Wi-Fi at airports.

Some free Wi-Fi at airports can be used without entering a password. While this is a convenient way to quickly connect to Wi-Fi, it also poses the risk of unauthorized access or virus infection, as the communication is not encrypted. In addition, it has been confirmed that some Wi-Fi systems have been set up with fake Wi-Fi IDs that closely resemble those of the free Wi-Fi at airports, and the information of those who have accessed the system by mistake is extracted. When using free Wi-Fi at airports, avoid sending personal information or using credit cards.

Mobile Wi-Fi rentals are an option!


If you are worried about even one of the three precautions, mobile Wi-Fi rental is an option. Telecom Square's WiFiBOX is a communication service that combines a Wi-Fi environment and mobile battery functionality in a single device that can be used in about 130 countries and regions around the world. Just return it with a clunk. The service is provided by Telecom Square Quality, a reliable, stable, encrypted, and secure communication service. Click here to make a reservation.


Free Wi-Fi at airports is free and very convenient, but you need to be careful when using it in terms of "speed," "setting method," and "security. If you need to use the Internet immediately after arriving at the airport, use the free Wi-Fi at the airport. If you need stable speed and high security, use rental Wi-Fi.