What is WiFiBOX?

WiFiBOX" is the world's first "self Wi-Fi rental" service that combines Wi-Fi and a mobile battery.

We believe that smartphones, which are indispensable to people's lives, should be able to fulfill their role anytime, anywhere. We also want people around the world to be able to enjoy traveling with "peace of mind" by providing Wi-Fi environment and recharging functions more easily and more affordably than ever before. WiFiBOX was created to realize these wishes.

Three features of WiFiBOX

WiFiBOX is easy to use

With WiFiBOX, you can easily rent a Wi-Fi router simply by making a reservation on the web and pulling it out from a box installed at the airport or train station. No more waiting in line to pick up your router.

WiFiBOX is easy

WiFiBOX can be applied for on the same day. They are located at major airports, stations, and tourist information centers in Japan, including Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, Tokyo Station, Shinjuku Tourist Information Center, and more. You can pick up and return it anywhere, so it is recommended not only for travel, but also when you need to recharge your batteries or when you are under the communication limit at the end of the month.

List of WiFiBOX locations

WiFiBOX is lightweight

In addition to a USB cable for charging the device, WiFiBOX has three types of built-in cables for charging smartphones and other devices, so it can also be used as a mobile battery! There are no special pouches or chargers to carry. It is perfect for traveling light.

Furthermore, WiFiBOX supports approximately 130 countries and regions around the world, including Japan, and has the most unlimited plans in the industry! You can enjoy stable communication at reasonable prices from 300 yen per day in Taiwan, 390 yen per day in the U.S., Hawaii, and Korea, and 690 yen per day for a round trip to Europe.

Examples of "WiFiBOX" usage

When traveling abroad

WiFiBOX offers unlimited plans in approximately 130 countries and regions around the world.
When traveling abroad, you can't do without your smartphone to look up information on tourist spots and restaurants, use translation apps, and so on. You can enjoy the same communication experience overseas as you always have.

When traveling domestically or returning home

You can pick up your phone at Tokyo Station or Shinjuku Tourist Information Center, so you can use it for bus or Shinkansen trips. You can watch videos or work on your PC even during long trips. If you do not have Internet access at your parents' home, we recommend this service when you return home.

When you run out of giga

Communication limit comes when you use too much data. With WiFiBOX, you can choose the rental period, such as a few days from the end of the month until the communication limit is lifted. WiFiBOX can also be used as a temporary means of communication due to communication problems.

For business trips and outings

When traveling on business or out of the office, it is often necessary to work on a PC in the spare time. If you want to connect to the Internet but are concerned about the security of free Wi-Fi, WiFiBOX provides a stable, encrypted, and high-quality connection.

When your smartphone is about to run out of charge

WiFiBOX is not only a Wi-Fi router, but also a mobile battery. Three types of cables (Micro USB, USB Type-C, and Lightning) are built into the main unit, so you can charge your phone with just one cable.

WiFiBOX is available for same-day reservations for those times when you need to rent on short notice. We hope you will make use of it in various situations.

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