[Ended] Celebrate the release! 50% OFF coupon!

WiFiBOX Release Campaign has ended.

50% OFF coupon distribution has ended.

Coupon distribution period: Friday, 2022/4/1 - Thursday, 2022/6/30

Coupon Code
How to apply coupon code
  1. Copy the coupon code
  2. Add the Wi-Fi product to your cart and log in
  3. Enter the coupon code when registering your customer and payment information
  4. Press the blue arrow "→" button to apply the discount

WiFiBOX Release Campaign Details 50%

OFF Coupon has ended.

Multi-conversion plug & USB charger present detailsMulti-conversion

plug & USB charger present has ended.


Attention for the first time 50% OFF coupon

  • Coupon code can be used only once per person.
  • This coupon cannot be used to extend usage or reorder after cancellation.
  • If the coupon code is not applied at the time of payment, the coupon is not applicable for this campaign.
  • Subject to change or discontinuation without prior notice.
  • This campaign cannot be used in conjunction with other campaigns, except for the "Multi-conversion Plug & USB Power Adapter Present Campaign".
  • If multiple accounts (LINE ID, email address, etc.) are found to be used by the same person, they will not be eligible for this campaign and will be dealt with strictly in accordance with the Terms of Use.

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