A new feature that allows you to receive it for free the day before will be available from March 12th!

On Tuesday, March 12th, we will start a new feature that allows you to receive the self-service Wi-Fi rental "WiFiBOX" for free the day before you start using it.

Overview of free advance pickup function

For example, you can pick up your order at the following locations:
・A station near your home or office where you can stop by before a business trip ・A commercial facility you visited before your trip, etc. *Communications will be possible from the "receipt date" (Japan time) specified at the time of application. Devices can be removed from the day before the "receipt date" (Japan time).


・You don't have to rush on the day of departure because you pick it up in advance. ・There is no charge for the day before the departure date. ・There is no need to line up at a busy airport. ・You can rent it in town the day before and return it at the airport. You can return it at a different location than where you picked it up!

Common usage guide

For detailed information on each installation location, please click here .

If you want to receive the WiFiBOX the day before, no special procedures are required.

Flow from application to receipt

1. Select the date you will actually start using the WiFi BOX as the "receipt date" and apply.
2.Please stop by the WiFi BOX rental machine the day before the designated "pickup date"
3. Follow the normal pick-up procedure to receive your device.

Please check here for detailed process.

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