Service starts from December 6th at Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

“WiFiBOX,” an “unprecedented Wi-Fi rental” that allows you to easily rent a mobile Wi-Fi router without contact, will be newly installed at the “Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center” in front of Asakusa Kaminarimon, starting Wednesday, December 6, 2023. We would like to inform you that we will start the service. This will be the first WiFi BOX installation in the Asakusa area.
As a result, WiFi BOX will be installed at 52 facilities and 59 locations in total. We will continue to expand our services domestically, including at tourist destinations, with the aim of improving convenience for even more customers.

Installation overview

Installation location

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center 1st floor, 2-18-9 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo

usage fee

Japan: 840 yen per day (tax included, unlimited usage)
*We also have plans for 500MB/440 yen (tax included) and 1GB/660 yen (tax included) per day.

Available pick-up/return times


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Installation background

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center is a tourist information center located in front of Asakusa Kaminarimon, Tokyo's premier tourist destination. In addition to the tourist information corner, there is a tourist information counter in four languages ​​(Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean), as well as a free observation terrace on the top floor that overlooks the city of Asakusa and the Tokyo Sky Tree. There is also a cafe, and the place is crowded with domestic and foreign tourists.
WiFiBOX is currently being installed near major stations in Tokyo, such as inside JR Tokyo Station, Akihabara Station, Shinjuku Station, and Shibuya Station, but this is the first time it has been installed in the Asakusa area. As many tourists visit the Asakusa area, including Kaminarimon, Nakamise Dori, and Sensoji Temple, the installation at the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center will increase the number of facilities that can be used for pick-up and return. In addition, we have decided to install this service not only to meet the needs of foreign tourists visiting Japan, but also for temporary use within Japan, such as for sightseeing, business, or when there is a shortage of gigabytes at the end of the month.

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