Service starts from December 1st at Rikkyo Travel Plaza on Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus

Self-service Wi-Fi rental “WiFiBOX”, which allows you to easily rent a mobile Wi-Fi router without contact, will be installed at Rikkyo Travel Plaza on the 3rd floor of St. Paul Plaza, Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus, and the service will start on Friday, December 1, 2023. We would like to inform you that we will do so. This is the first time for a university in the Kanto area, and the second for a university in Japan, following the Kansai University Senriyama Campus Consumers' Co-op, bringing the total number of WiFi BOX installation locations to 50 facilities and 57 locations. We will continue to expand domestically and aim to improve convenience for even more customers.

Installation overview

Installation location

Rikkyo University Ikebukuro Campus St. Paul Plaza 3rd floor Rikkyo Travel Plaza 5-10-5 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

usage fee

Japan: 840 yen per day (tax included, unlimited usage)
*We also have plans for 500MB/440 yen (tax included) and 1GB/660 yen (tax included) per day.

Available pick-up/return times

Weekdays 10:00-17:00
Saturday 10:00-13:00
Closed on Sundays, holidays, and New Year's holidays (December 24th to January 4th) due to school holidays *Closed days and business hours are subject to change, so please check the St. Paul Plaza website for details.

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Installation background

Rikkyo University is a university with campuses in Ikebukuro, Tokyo and Niiza, Saitama, with 11 undergraduate and graduate schools. Nowadays, smartphones have become an essential part of daily life, and many people are worried about using them when there is a shortage of gigabytes at the end of the month, seminar trips, studying abroad, and when traveling abroad. We decided to install the WiFi BOX to provide a communication environment and allow many students and faculty to use the WiFi BOX. WiFiBOX can also be used in Japan, so it can also be used by international students enrolled in the program.
Additionally, WiFi BOXes are currently installed at stations and commercial facilities in Tokyo, but this is the first time they have been installed in the Ikebukuro area. Ikebukuro Campus St. Paul Plaza can be accessed by people other than students and faculty, and since it is located about a 7-minute walk from the west exit of Ikebukuro Station, this installation allows it to be used as a regular pick-up/drop-off location. As a result, you will be able to use it more conveniently in areas near you.

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