Service starts November 17 at LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza

We are pleased to announce the new installation of WiFiBOX, a self-contained Wi-Fi rental service that allows customers to rent a mobile Wi-Fi router easily and contactlessly, at LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, and the service will begin on November 17, 2023 (Friday). This will be the first installation in Kanagawa Prefecture.
This will bring the total number of WiFiBOXes installed to 55 locations at 48 facilities. We will continue to further expand the service in Japan, including the Kanto area, to improve convenience for more customers.

Installation Overview


LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza Plaza East, 2nd floor, next to Bic Camera
With Bic Camera in the background, the counter will be installed in the rest area to the left of "LAZONA+" at the back of the escalator in front of the Plaza East.

Usage fee

Within Japan 840 yen per day (price including tax, unlimited use)
*500MB/440 yen per day (tax included) and 1GB/660 yen per day (tax included) plans are also available.

Available hours for pickup and return

8:00 - 23:59

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Kawasaki Station is one of the terminal stations in Kanagawa Prefecture, served by both JR and Keikyu lines. The area surrounding the station is lined with hotels and commercial facilities, providing easy access to central Tokyo and Yokohama City, and with buses running from Kawasaki Station to Haneda Airport, it is a key transportation hub in the Tokyo metropolitan area. LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza is one of the most convenient large-scale commercial facilities in Kanagawa Prefecture, with a direct connection to JR Kawasaki Station, and boasts one of the largest store areas in Kanagawa Prefecture. The Roofa Plaza, a grassy plaza, is the site of events by artists, etc., and attracts many people from the city and beyond.
Until now, the Kanto area has mainly installed WiFi boxes in Tokyo, but with the new installation, users of Kawasaki Station will be able to pick up WiFi boxes at LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza in advance before traveling overseas, making the service available in areas closer to them. We have decided to install the WiFi box because we believe it will further enhance convenience by meeting the demand for temporary use for sightseeing and business purposes.

Source: Japan Shopping Center Association

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