Service to begin on September 26 at Shinshu Matsumoto Airport

We are pleased to announce the installation of a new WiFiBOX, a self-contained Wi-Fi rental service that allows customers to easily rent a mobile Wi-Fi router using a contactless device, in the 2nd floor departure lobby at Shinshu Matsumoto Airport, starting on Tuesday, September 26, 2023.
This is the first installation in the Shinetsu area and Nagano Prefecture, bringing the total number of WiFiBOX locations to 34 facilities and 40 locations. We will continue to actively install WiFi boxes at airports, train stations, and commercial facilities in Japan to further enhance customer convenience.

Outline of Installation


Shinshu Matsumoto Airport, 2nd floor departure lobby:
The BOX will be installed in the waiting area in front of the escalator.

Available hours for pickup and return


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Shinshu Matsumoto Airport will have approximately 220,000 passengers in FY2022, 175.7% more than in FY2021, exceeding 200,000 passengers for the first time in 25 years. Located right in the middle of Nagano Prefecture, the airport offers easy access to major areas, with Matsumoto City about 30 minutes away by car and Nagano City about 1 hour and 15 minutes away by car, as well as shuttle bus service to popular tourist destinations in the Azumino and Hakuba areas, making it a highly convenient location for sightseeing or returning home.
From Shinshu Matsumoto Airport, there are flights to Shin-Chitose, Itami, and Fukuoka, where WiFi boxes have already been installed. When visiting a destination for sightseeing or business, you can rent a WiFi box at Shinshu Matsumoto Airport and return it to the airport before boarding your flight home, making domestic travel more convenient. In addition, the WiFi Boxes can also be used for overseas travel via Shin-Chitose and Fukuoka, so we have decided to set up WiFi Boxes to meet the needs of more users.

Nagano Prefecture Shinshu Matsumoto Airport (usage status)

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