Service to begin on September 13 at Okayama Momotaro Airport

We are pleased to announce the installation of a new self-service Wi-Fi rental "WiFiBOX," which allows users to easily rent a mobile Wi-Fi router with a contactless connection, in the domestic arrival lobby on the first floor of Okayama Momotaro Airport, and the service will begin on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.
This is the first installation in Okayama Prefecture and the second in the Chugoku area, following Yamaguchi-Ube Airport. This is the only Wi-Fi service available at Okayama Momotaro Airport, making it possible for international travelers from Japan and foreign visitors to Japan who use Okayama Momotaro Airport, as well as those who connect at Haneda Airport to travel overseas.
We will continue to actively promote the installation of this service at domestic airports, train stations, and commercial facilities to further enhance customer convenience.

Outline of Installation


Okayama Momotaro Airport 1F Domestic Arrival Lobby

The kiosks will be located on the right side of the domestic flight check-in lobby, past the domestic flight arrival gate with your back to the domestic flight check-in lobby, with the police station on your left in front of you.

Available hours for pickup and return

6:00 - 22:00

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Okayama Momotaro Airport will have approximately 880,000 passengers in FY2022, a 223.3% increase over FY2021, recovering to approximately 60% of its pre-Corona disaster level. On domestic routes, in addition to Haneda flights, there are Shin-Chitose and Naha flights to popular tourist destinations in Japan, and on international routes, after the resumption of scheduled flights to Taipei on March 26, 2023 with 4 flights per week, the number of flights was increased to daily on May 27, and on August 4, Shanghai flights will resume with 2 flights per week, which are expected to increase not only domestic travelers but also inbound The number of foreign tourists is expected to increase not only for domestic travel but also for inbound travel.
The airport is also located in a highly convenient location for sightseeing and return trips, with easy access to major areas, such as the Kurashiki Bikan Historical Area, which attracts many tourists, in approximately 35 minutes by car, and the Okayama downtown area in approximately 30 minutes by car.
The number of inbound foreign travelers using flights to Taipei and Shanghai is expected to increase, as well as overseas travelers from Japan, including tourists, business travelers, and travelers connecting to Haneda Airport for overseas travel, so we decided to install WiFi boxes to meet the needs of users. The WiFi box will be installed in order to meet the needs of users.

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