Limited quantity! Biki Card (60-minute plan) as a gift for those who apply for the Hawaii Plan!

Customers who receive a WiFiBOX for use in Hawaii will receive a Biki card for 60 minutes (1,200 yen worth) of use of the Biki bicycle rental service in Hawaii!
We will also give this gift to your companion who is not using the WiFiBOX, so if you are traveling to Hawaii, please take this opportunity to apply for the WiFiBOX.

Present Period

From August 15, 2023 to October 31, 2023 for pickup
*Will end as soon as it is gone!

Present contents

Biki Card (60-minute plan)

How to receive

After receiving your WiFiBOX, please present your WiFiBOX terminal to the counter staff at the following location and tell them that you are departing to Hawaii.

<Present delivery location>
[Narita Airport Terminal 1]
4F Departure Lobby Mobile Center South Departure Satellite (manned 7:00-18:00)
Telecom Square Counter in the Arrival Lobby on the 1st floor (manned from 7:00-21:00)
[Narita Airport Terminal 2]
Telecom Square Counter (manned from 7:00-21:00), Departure Lobby on the 3rd floor
[Haneda Airport Terminal 3]
3F Departure Lobby Mobile Center Haneda Airport (manned from 6:30-23:00)
2F Arrival Lobby Mobile Center Haneda Airport (manned from 6:30-23:00)

Distribution will also be available at the following airports from September 1!  (*August 31st addition)
[Kansai Airport]
Kansai Airport Baggage Service (manned from 7:00-21:00)
[Central Japan International Airport]
Chubu International Airport Access Plaza (manned service hours: 6:30-22:00)
[Fukuoka Airport]
Telecom Square Counter in the Arrival Lobby on the 1st floor (manned from 7:00-21:00)
[New Chitose Airport]
International Terminal Building (2F) Arrival Lobby Mobile Center New Chitose Airport (manned from 8:30-17:00)

*Please note that the store may be closed or its hours of operation may change depending on the situation.


This campaign will end as soon as all the gifts are gone, even during the campaign period.
The valid time for receiving the gift is during the business hours of the gift delivery counter.
Please pick up your gift before you leave Japan.
Even if you apply for only one WiFiBOX, you will receive one Biki card for each person in your party.
One Biki Card will be given to each person.
The gift will be given only to those who use the Hawaii Plan.
(If you are planning to travel to Hawaii on the Round the World Plan, please ask at the pickup counter.)

What is Biki?

Biki is a bike sharing service with approximately 130 stations in the Honolulu area.
By using Biki instead of trolleys, rental cars, cabs, and other carbon-emitting vehicles during your trip, you are helping to protect the people, animals, and nature that live in Hawaii.
The Biki provides easy access to downtown areas and areas where you can enjoy nature that were previously difficult to reach! You can feel Hawaii with your whole body while you are on the go. Check out the traffic rules and how to ride a Biki and enjoy touring Hawaii!

Learn more about Biki at

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