Twitter/Instagram campaign for #WiFiBOX hashtag submissions.

Post your thoughts and episodes of using the self-service Wi-Fi rental "WiFiBOX" on Twitter or Instagram with #WiFiBOX, and 60 people will win a Giftee Box worth 2,000 yen in total!
You can post any episode you like, such as "It was really easy to pick up and return," "Thanks to WiFiBOX, I was able to upload my travel photos on SNS right away," "It was convenient for watching videos on the move," "It worked great as a mobile battery," etc. If you post with a picture of WiFiBOX, your chances of winning are doubled! If you post your story with a photo of WiFiBOX, your chances of winning are doubled.
We are looking forward to your submissions!

How to enter

Post on Twitter or Instagram with "#WiFiBOX" and describe an episode when you were glad to have rented a WiFiBOX or your impressions of using it.
If you post a photo with WiFiBOX on it, you will double your chances of winning!
If you post to both Twitter and Instagram, you will also be eligible for the drawing.
Stories are not eligible for Instagram. Please post in the feed or reel.
Any photo or video is acceptable for posting to Instagram. If the text includes "#WiFiBOX" and "Thoughts or Episodes", you will be eligible for the drawing.

Entry period

Tuesday, August 1, 2023 - Saturday, September 30, 2023 (23:59)


giftee Box worth 2,000 yen for a total of 60 winners
Twitter 30 winners
Instagram 30 winners

What is giftee Box?
giftee Box is a gift service that allows you to choose your favorite gift from a wide variety of products, including Rakuten Points and Uber Eats. You can freely exchange your points for multiple gifts. There is no need to download a dedicated application or register as a member to use giftee Box. Please refer to the following page for details on how to use the service.

Notes on giftee Box
Giftee Boxes will be given to users to exchange for their favorite products from the lineup.
The lineup and points required for redemption will vary depending on the giftee box granted, and are subject to change. Also, the point exchange rate in the giftee box varies depending on the product. Please check the number of points required before redeeming your points.
Points have an expiration date. Please redeem your points for the product of your choice by the expiration date indicated on the home screen.
After the expiration date, the point balance will expire. Points are non-refundable.
Points cannot be recharged.
Once the product has been exchanged, the product cannot be changed or cancelled.


Twitter and Instagram must be public accounts.
Reside in Japan
・Persons who are open to direct messages.

Announcement of Winners

Winners will be notified by direct message from the official Twitter and Instagram accounts in mid-October.


Those who have set their Instagram or Twitter posts to private are not eligible to enter this campaign.
If you do not include "#WiFiBOX" in your post, you are not eligible to enter.
Any time or period of WiFiBOX rental is eligible.
You may submit as many entries as you like.
Submissions that are offensive to public order and morals, contain personal information, or infringe on the portrait rights or copyrights of others are prohibited.
Resale of prizes is prohibited.
We may RT or repost the posts with #WiFiBOX on Twitter/Instagram from the official WiFiBOX account.
This campaign is subject to change, suspension, cancellation or termination without prior notice.

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