Service to begin July 1 at New Chitose Airport

We are pleased to announce that "WiFiBOX," an "unprecedented Wi-Fi rental service" that allows users to easily rent a mobile Wi-Fi router without contact, will be newly installed in the arrival lobby on the 2nd floor of the International Terminal Building at New Chitose Airport and begin service from 8:30 am on July 1, 2023 (Saturday). This is the first such box to be installed in the Hokkaido area.
This is the first installation of this service in the Hokkaido area, and it will be available to overseas travelers from Japan and foreign visitors to Japan who use New Chitose Airport.

This is the first installation in the Hokkaido area, bringing the total number of WiFiBOXes installed to 16 facilities and 21 locations. We will continue to actively install WiFi boxes at airports, train stations, and commercial facilities in Japan to further improve customer convenience.

Outline of Installation


New Chitose Airport International Terminal Building, 2nd Floor Arrival Lobby, Mobile Center New Chitose Airport

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New Chitose Airport, the gateway to Hokkaido and the second largest in area after Haneda, Narita, and Kansai Airports, had been suspending all international flights due to the New Corona Virus, but since July 2022, airlines from South Korea and Taiwan have resumed flights, and annual passenger volume in 2022 will exceed 10 million for the first time in three years This is an increase of 84.9% over 2021. Since the easing of waterfront measures, the movement has further accelerated, and flights are scheduled to resume after July, mainly to and from mainland China.
Hokkaido has been a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers who enjoy winter sports, food, and nature since before the new coronavirus disaster. With the increase in flights, the number of inbound foreign travelers as well as overseas travelers and business travelers from Japan, including tourists, is expected to increase, so we have decided to install WiFiBOXes to meet the needs of users.

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