“WiFiBOX Free Trial Monitor Campaign” starts on SNS from July 1st

A free trial monitoring campaign for the WiFiBOX, a self-contained Wi-Fi rental system that allows users to easily rent a mobile Wi-Fi router with a contactless connection, will begin at noon on Monday, July 1, 2024.

The monitor winners will be asked to post a photo or video of themselves using the WiFi BOX on their Instagram or X (formerly Twitter). Please post how you use WiFi BOX, such as ``I used it to watch videos while traveling domestically with my family,'' or ``I used it to search for maps while traveling overseas with friends,'' along with images and videos of how you use WiFi BOX.

Campaign overview

Products to be monitored

All WiFiBOX products, all plans *Rental only once for up to 7 days

Application period

From noon on July 1, 2024 to 23:59 on July 31

Number of winners

50 persons
Winners will be notified by email within 2 weeks of entry.

Application method

If you are participating with X
① Follow the WiFiBOX official X account ( @wifibox_jp )
② Repost the campaign post
③ Fill out the necessary information in the dedicated form and apply

If you are participating on Instagram
① Follow the WiFiBOX official Instagram account ( @wifibox.jp )
② Like the campaign post
③ Fill out the necessary information in the dedicated form and apply

Click here for the application form

Application conditions

・Those who can use the service from July 1st to September 30th, 2024.
・Those who can make reservations, pick up, and return items by themselves.
・You have a public social networking account.
・You must be able to post photos and feedback of your use of WiFiBOX at least twice on your own SNS within one month after using WiFiBOX.
*For Instagram, limited to feed or reels. Stories are not eligible.
・Please be sure to state the purpose of use in your post (for travel, for watching videos, etc.).
・When posting, please add #WiFiBOX and mention the tie-up setting or #PR and the WiFiBOX official account.
・Those who can cooperate with the questionnaire after using the service.
・Those who agree to the application terms below.

WiFiBOX monitor application terms

●WiFiBOX Monitor Application Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as ``Terms'') are the mobile communication equipment rental service WiFiBOX (hereinafter referred to as ``WiFiBOX'') provided by Telecom Square Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ``the Company''). )'s monitoring activities (hereinafter referred to as the "Activities").
●Monitor is the person who has been notified of winning from among those who have met the application conditions set by the Company, agreed to these Terms, and completed all application procedures prescribed by the Company.
●These terms and conditions shall apply to monitors once the applicant has completed the monitor application procedure and received notification from the Company that he or she has been selected.

About this activity

●Applicants for monitoring this activity must have an X or Instagram account set to public.
●We will notify monitor applicants of the results of their applications via email within two weeks of their application. Please note that unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted.
●If we determine that you are not suitable as a monitor, we reserve the right to cancel your application as a monitor, even if we have sent you a notification of winning.
●Reservations, pick-up, and return of the WiFi BOX for this activity must be made by the monitor himself/herself.

About usage fees

●The maximum usage period of WiFi BOX for this activity is 7 days, and one WiFi BOX can be rented for free at a time. However, the monitor may only be used once for this activity.
●The use of WiFi BOX in this activity is free of charge only for communication charges, and usage charges for extensions, security guarantee fees in case of failure or loss, and reimbursement due to failure or loss are not covered.
●We may request monitors to complete survey questionnaires in order to conduct our own surveys. Monitors agree to respond to the survey questionnaire. If you do not respond to the survey questionnaire, we reserve the right to cancel your WiFiBOX monitoring status and charge you a usage fee.

About posting to SNS

●After using WiFi BOX as a monitor, you will post your impressions related to WiFi BOX on the monitor's own X or Instagram according to the conditions specified by our company.
●The Company may introduce SNS posts related to this activity to the Company's website, Company's SNS accounts, or other media operated by the Company. Monitor agrees to this.
●We are not responsible for any damage caused by a third party using the content posted on the monitor, or for any damage suffered by the monitor itself.
●If we determine that the content posted on SNS during this activity contains, or is likely to contain, the following content, we may request that the post be corrected or deleted.
・Contents that slander the Company or third parties
・Contents that lead to or encourage criminal acts
・Contents that violate laws and regulations
・Contents that contain commercial advertising purposes
・Contents that include specific political or religious claims
・Contents that baselessly promote our company's interests Content that may damage reputation or cause trust concerns - Content that infringes or is likely to infringe on the copyright, honor, privacy, or other rights of our company or a third party - Content that contains discriminatory expressions - vulgar, harmful, Content that is vulgar or otherwise disgusting to others
・In addition to the above, content that violates public order and morals
・Other content that our company deems inappropriate


●By using WiFiBOX in this activity, you are deemed to have agreed to the WiFiBOX terms of use.
●The right to win the WiFiBOX monitor in this activity is valid only for the winner and cannot be transferred to a third party.
●The Company shall appropriately handle personal information obtained through this activity in accordance with the Company's privacy policy ("Handling of Personal Information").

Supplementary provisions
Effective July 1, 2024

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