Equipped with review function on WiFiBOX official website

From June 17, 2024, the WiFiBOX official website will release a new feature that will allow you to post reviews for WiFiBOX and view posted reviews. Please use this information when selecting services and plans.

How to post a review

You can submit a review using either method ① or ② below.
① Post from the "Write a review" button at the bottom of each WiFi BOX plan page ② Apply for WiFi BOX and post from the review request email that will arrive 5 days after rental

For reviews, you can rate with stars and upload text, photos, and videos.

How to read reviews

Reviews can be viewed at the bottom of each WiFiBOX plan page or from the WiFiBOX site top page.

*Information as of June 17, 2024. Service specifications and designs are subject to change.

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