Haneda Airport

WiFiBOX Application at Haneda Airport Same-day application and same-day pickup OK for WiFiBOX (Wi-Fi rental) at Haneda Airport.

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WiFiBOX is an self Wi-Fi rental service that you can apply for and receive on the spot. It takes only about 5 minutes from application to pick up. This service is convenient for those who have a sudden overseas trip, have not yet applied for Wi-Fi at Haneda Airport, or want to apply while traveling to Haneda Airport. For international and domestic trips departing from Haneda Airport, for returning home, for business and for events.
The WiFiBOX can also be used as a mobile battery, so you don't have to worry about the unexpected situation when the battery runs out.

Haneda Airport Terminal 2

Exterior view Map Counter Name Business Hours GoogleMap
Haneda Airport: Departure Lobby 3F Mobile Center Haneda Airport 5:00-24:00 WiFiBOX MAP

Haneda Airport Terminal 3

Exterior view Map Counter Name Business Hours GoogleMap
Haneda Airport: Departure Lobby 3F Mobile Center Haneda Airport 6:30-23:00 WiFiBOX MAP
Haneda Airport: Arrival Lobby 2F Mobile Center Haneda Airport 24 hours WiFiBOX MAP
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About Reserving, Receiving, and Returning Wi-Fi at Haneda Airport

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  4. Extend Rental Period
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Internet communication and QR reading functions are required for reservation and pick-up, so you will need your own smartphone's communication and camera functions. If you do not have a communication environment, please use free Wi-Fi provided by municipalities, airports, train stations, coffee shops, etc.

Don't waste your time just for international travel. Attractions of Haneda Airport

When using Haneda Airport (Tokyo International Airport), you may encounter various encounters if you take the time to stroll around the airport. If you rent Wi-Fi early, go out for an airport stroll.

Features of Haneda Airport Terminal 3

Haneda Airport Terminal 3 is located on the west side of Haneda Airport, where international flights arrive and depart. The nearest station is Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station. As the terminal symbolizes Haneda Airport's transformation into a hub airport, it is a unique terminal that blends Japanese-style Japanese facilities with international facilities.

The duty-free store area on the third floor features a wide selection of the world's leading brands, including Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari, and Chanel. The fourth floor, reached by escalators, features a food court and "Edo Koji," an area themed around Japanese and Edo (present-day Tokyo) culture. Just walking around this area, which recreates the streets as if you were back in time to the Edo period, will be an enjoyable experience.

The world's first "Airport Planetarium" on the 5th floor is not to be missed. You can enjoy a wonderful meal under the star-filled sky.

*As of April 2022, some restaurants may be closed or have reduced opening hours due to corona infection control measures.