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Campaign to Commemorate Opening of Official TikTok Account to be Held from September 22

Starting Friday, September 22, 2023, a campaign will be held to celebrate the launch of the official WiFiBOX TikTok account. WiFiBOX will give away a 3,000 yen Amazon gift card to 10 lucky winners.
In addition, as a TikTok-only project, Yasuko-san, who is currently starring in the WiFiBOX web commercial, will show a video of the making of the WiFiBOX and provide special effects!

Campaign Outline

Follow the official WiFiBOX TikTok account and post your travel videos with the specified hashtag. Any content is acceptable as long as it is a video of you traveling, both domestically and internationally, in any season, etc. Ten winners will be selected by drawing from among those who submit videos, and will receive an Amazon gift card worth 3,000 yen. All contributors will also receive a 5% off coupon for WiFiBOX after the campaign ends.

Application Period

September 22, 2023 (Fri.) - October 18, 2023 (Wed.) 23:59

Prize details

10 winners selected by drawing will receive an Amazon gift card worth 3,000 yen

How to apply

①Follow the official WiFiBOX TikTok account (
②Post your travel video with the hashtag "#WiFiBOX

Entry qualifications

・TikTok must be a public account.
・Must be open to direct messages.
・People residing in Japan

Announcement of Results

Winners will be notified by direct message from the official TikTok account around the end of October after a careful selection process. All contributors will also receive a 5% off coupon for WiFiBOX via direct message.


If you unfollow us before the results are announced, you will not be eligible to enter the contest.
Those who set their TikTok posts to private are not eligible for this campaign.
Please follow the terms of use when using TikTok.

WiFiBOX's official TikTok account is here

・This campaign is provided by Telecom Square Inc. Amazon does not accept inquiries about this campaign. If you have any questions, please contact WiFiBOX Help Center (
・Amazon is a trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates.

TikTok exclusive! Making-of video and special effects!

WiFiBOX has been distributing a web commercial starring comedian Yasuko-san since July 14, 2023 (Friday). To celebrate the opening of its official TikTok account, WiFiBOX will be conducting two TikTok-exclusive projects in addition to the above campaign.

Video of the making of the shooting of the WebCM featuring Yasuko-san will be released.

A making-of video of the commercial shooting will be available exclusively on TikTok account from September 26, 2023 (Tuesday).

Effects of "WiFiBOX Girl" played by Yasuko-san

In the commercial, Yasuko-san will be wearing a giant WiFiBOX rental machine and become "WiFiBOX-ko-chan". The effect that allows you to become "WiFiBOX-ko-chan" will be available on TikTok from September 26, 2023 (Tuesday) until mid-January of next year.
When you open the camera screen, your body will be displayed as a WiFiBOX rental machine, and you can move freely. We hope you will enjoy uploading videos of yourself as a WiFiBOX child.

WiFiBOX WebCM "Traveling Yasuko

<30 sec. version

<15 sec. version