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Yasuko-san Traveling the world, 10 changes! Out of the earth and into space! "WiFiBOX" WebCM is now available!

On July 14, 2023 (Friday), we will begin distributing our first WebCM featuring comedian Yasuko as the image character of WiFiBOX, a self-contained Wi-Fi rental service that allows users to easily rent a mobile Wi-Fi router without any contact.

Overview of the "Yasuko Travels" WebCM

The commercial features Yasuko-san traveling around the world with WiFiBOX in a fast-paced manner, saying sightseeing spots and saying lines that rhyme with Yasuko-san's well-known gag "Hai~". Yasuko-san, dressed as a tourist, appears one after another in front of the spectacular sights and specialties of foreign countries. At the end, Yasuko-san, wearing a giant WiFiBOX rental machine, becomes "WiFiBOX-ko-chan" and flies out into space. Please enjoy Yasuko-san's ten transformations and the rhythmical commercial that will remain in your ears.

<Traveling Yasuko" version (30-sec. version)>

<"Yasuko Travels" (15-sec.version)>

Filming Episode

Yasuko-san entered the studio wearing the costume for the scene at the food stall in Taiwan. Thanks to her familiar cheerful voice heard even before she appeared, the entire studio was filled with laughter before the shooting began.
Yasuko-san changed into a variety of costumes in one day, but when she appeared in a Korean idol-like outfit, the staff members kept saying, "Cute!" Yasuko-san, who was smiling shyly and saying "I'm so embarrassed...", showed a gap between her usual energetic and cheerful impression and the photo shoot, which was very impressive. When she became "WiFiBOX-ko-chan" by wearing a giant WiFiBOX rental machine, she had fun while saying, "It's my dream to wear this! while enjoying the photo shoot.
During the shoot, the staff around her were also asked, "Please stay hydrated! Please make sure you eat a good dinner! Yasuko-san herself directly asked the staff to stay hydrated and eat a hearty dinner. When communicating with the staff during meetings and other occasions, she would naturally say "Hai~" a lot, which was very much like Yasuko-san.

Interview with Yasuko-san

■Where would you like to go abroad most?
Paris~! I want to go there because I heard that the food and scenery are good. Hai~!

■Please tell us about your most memorable travel destinations and episodes in the past.
Thailand~! It was the first destination I went to in my life, because it was overseas.
I went there for the first time for a location shoot, but I became so familiar with the place that three times I was mistaken for a tuk-tuk driver. He asked me for a ride while I was on location. Hai~.
He pointed at me and said "Chinese mafia" was scary.

■Yasuko-san, what are your travel essentials?
Chai~! I've been addicted to tea recently.

■What do you look forward to when you travel?
What I look forward to when I travel is the food. I like to take pictures of food, scenery, and show them to my family. I like to take pictures and show them to my family, saying things like, "Here I am now.
Also, when I go to London, I like to go to Abbey Road and do my...

(Sounds of staff dropping things)
Are you all right! All clear! Safety check good!
......... What was I talking about? (laughs)

Oh, yes, when I went to London, I went to Abbey Road and took pictures of the Beatles because I like them. I would like to visit places like that, places where my favorite people were. Hai~.

■What is the person or thing that Yasuko-san wants to connect with the most?
This is an animal. Hai~.
I wonder how they feel. You know, when you give food to a dog or something, it poofs it, right? What? I want to ask them. Why aren't you eating? (laughs). (Laughs) I would also like to understand how they feel when they are whimpering but I don't know why they are whimpering.

(Did you have any animals?) I don't know if I can name them, but I had two dogs, Step and Wagon. Step and Wagon.
The cat's name was Hiace. We switched, so my parents...Hai~.

■Yasuko-san, what kind of situation would you like to use WiFiBOX?
Recently, I've been doing an increasing number of overseas location shoots, so it's very difficult for me (without a communication environment). There are times when I can exchange LINE messages with staff members (even without Wi-Fi), but when I start driving, the connection is unexpectedly lost, and sometimes I can't really get in touch with them. Yes, really.

■What did you think of today's commercial shoot?
It was a fun commercial where I changed into various costumes and felt like I was traveling to so many countries, so please take this opportunity to go abroad and have fun! I hope everyone will take this opportunity to go abroad and have fun!

<Please click below to watch the making of the commercial and the interview. >